"A calling is about the person one wants to make of oneself. A career is a coldly calculated plan to achieve security and have a bit of “fun” that turns out, more often than not, to be deeply unsatisfying, whatever the pay. A calling is not the product of calculation but of an inner conversation about what really matters in life and what difference one wants to make in the world. A person can always find a career in a calling, but it is far more difficult later in life to find a calling in a career." - David Orr, Environmental Literacy: Education as if the Earth Mattered. ©Copyright 1993 


I am presently progressing from a previous design career to an environmental calling. As I continue my studies, readings, volunteering and practical applications, the calling gets clearer and more profound. My current endeavors are educating myself in GIS and Environmental Science and Planning, gaining new skills in GIS mapping and remote sensing, and acquiring as much experience as possible through volunteering and internships. All to position myself to make the differences that really matter in life.